With drone technology we´ll be able to optimize operations & make them more efficient, lower the risk professions, take entertainment to a whole new level, and even save lives.


Commercial drones are creating a revolution in ideas, and a number of industries in the whole world will soon benefit from accessing the aerial information that, until now, has been hard, expensive, or directly impossible to acquire.


And this comes from the need to develop disruptive technologies with the potential of revolutionizing industries so that they may adapt to the speed of the changing world. For that reason, at Droneex, we will give these ideas the drones they need to make them a reality, with the vision of creating something new… something big.


Think about how drone technology can help your business save money or entertain you…



Let’s awaken the taste of the people to a revolutionary new way of experiencing and enjoying

drone technology. We will promote the creation of XXI century new fanaticism.


Accesible for all


Game Plataform


We allow industries and goverments to have new perspectives of its works, helping

them to reduce risk professions, optimize its operations and save money with major efficiency.

Cloud Data Service


Smart Footage


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