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Introducing the world´s first Super Sport.
In the XX century wheels began
spinning the world. In the XXI,
we'll make it FLY!

Droneex Sectors



We aim to change the world through enabling people to make life smarter, safer and more fun with drone technology. Our Goal is to create whole new intelligent platform that will allow our drones in these sectors to increase the potential of having huge benefits for the customers working or playing alike


Redefining the game.


Small & Amazing design, easy to fix and exciting to fly. Becoming most advanced, modular and AR Drone ever invented. The ZERO is the first real drone innovation for those who fly for fun since the industry began.


Welcome to the future.


Introducing the world´s first Super Sport. The RAZER accelerates up to 87 mph in 2.9 seconds. This insane machine represents a whole new level of design, utility and performance set by innovative benchmarks that provide a glimpse into the future of racing as never before. Stay tuned for more news


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